Die Cutting Boards

Die Cutting Boards

American Shoe Machinery Company is your reliable source for German-quality cutting boards. These boards are available in different durometers and sizes and are suitable for all types of die cutting machines – swing arm clickers, traveling head presses, full beam presses and roller cutting machines.

Both sides of the boards can be used for cutting all types of soft materials, including leather, leather fiber insole material, rubber gaskets, textiles, felt, fleece, foam plastics, upholstery material, paper, cardboard, carton foils, thermoplastic materials and more…

Our cutting boards offer maximum result, accuracy and life of both board and tools. Surfaces can be smooth on both sides or roughed on one side for bonding sheets.

Do you have a special application that requires a custom-sized cutting board and/or different durometer? Let us work with you to find just the right cutting board for your specific process.

HY 72 Red-Brown

HY 72 Red-Brown<br />

HY 72 Red-Brown Features

Uses: Shoe Industry
Cutting Material: Leather, soft materials
Shore Hardness: D 72

HY 78 Natural

HY 78 Natural<br />

HY 78 Natural Features

Uses: Universal use, also as disposable cutting board of 3-12mm thickness.
Cutting Material: Textiles, felts, fleeces, foam plastics, leather, insole materials, rubber, foils, and other soft materials.
Shore Hardness: D 78

Cast Nylon

cast nylon

Cast Nylon Features

Uses: Our hardest cutting board for cutting polyamide and difficult-to-cut materials.
Cutting Material: Kevlar, Nomex, and Ballistic Nylon
Shore Hardness: D 85

We would be happy to assist you with product information and pricing. Please contact us for more information. 

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