Die Cutting for Flooring Covering Industry

Simply put, die-cutting is the process of making precise cuts in the material using blades of a specific shape.  

Die-cutting is a broad term that can refer to a variety of processes, but in our field, it most commonly refers to the removal of unwanted material from single or multiple layers of flexible or semi-rigid materials. Even though the process itself is straightforward, the machinery used to carry it out has become increasingly complex. Faster production, greater precision, the ability to utilize low-cost, low-skill labor, greater material efficiency, and cheaper tooling are just some of the benefits of the die-cutting process.

Die-cutting machine layouts have not gotten the same level of attention as printing equipment layouts, despite the fact that many printing companies place a premium on having an ideal arrangement for their printing equipment which is common place in the packaging industry for example. When determining the depth of the foundation for a die-cutter, it is not appropriate to rely just on the weight of the machine. When compared to printing machines, die-cutting machines have more stringent criteria for the floor layouts that they need for their installations. When the machine is functioning at a particular frequency, the foundation, along with the rest of the machine, is subjected to violent battering. If the machine were to be put on top of a steel plate that was suspended from the ceiling, the plate might experience some degree of bending when the machine was being used. When the bending frequency of the steel plate is high enough, resonance will occur, and the effects of this phenomenon are disastrous.

Common reasons why a foundation might not be up to snuff for an installation include an insufficient thickness of concrete, an incorrect concrete label, an inadequate footprint, a lack of steel, and a foundation for the die-cutting section that is handled differently from the feeder and delivery sections. 

It is imperative that the layout that is advised by the die-cutter manufacturer be followed. In situations where the manufacturer’s floor plan is insufficient, such as when equipment is not installed on the ground floor, in mountain terrain, along the coast, or after sea reclamation, we recommend consulting with American Shoe Machinery Company for a safe and reliable foundation solution. In these scenarios, American Shoe Machinery Company has a solution that is both safe and reliable.

It is an accepted standard for die cutters to make use of powerful machinery in order to slice through flooring materials like tiles and carpets. To carry items from one site to another when a big quantity of the same components is required for use in other projects, such as replacing your floors, a pallet jack or forklift may be utilized. Another option is to use a hand truck.

The following machinery is available by us and suitable for the Carpet and Flooring Industry:


Hydraulic Large Area Die Cutting Machine with Receding Beam, Model 6140*


Hydraulic Automatic Die Cutting Machine, Model 2070


Hydraulic Large Area Die Cutting Machine, Model 5050


Hydraulic Large Area Die Cutting Machine with receding Beam, Model 6050

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